Our projects bring culture to everyone’s doorstep, uniting the traditional vision of a Mediterranean life enriched by close ties to family, friends and neighbours with the island’s growing creative practices. Come to the capital to discover diverse themes at play in and around Valletta’s streets during our Opening Week.

Każinata ġo La Valette  – Società Filarmonica Nazionale La Valette

On several days throughout the week, the Società Filarmonica Nazionale La Valette will live the festa with us too, with brass band concerts, in-house exhibitions and a lively atmosphere.


  • 14 January – 17:00-21:00
  • 15-19 January – 09:00-12:00, 17:00-21:00
  • 20 January – 09:00-12:00, 17:00-00:00

Brass band concert:

  • 19 January – 20:45-23:45

Teżori Moħbija – The King’s Own Philharmonic Society

During opening week, the King’s Own Philharmonic Society will open its doors so the public can discover the treasures that lie within the building, including valuable music archives and commemorative photos of some of the band’s important events.

  • 15-19 ta’ Jannar, 18:30-21:30
  • 20 ta’ Jannar, 09:00-13:00, 17:00-00:00
  • 21 ta’ Jannar, 09:00-13:00

Festa Fever – Domus Pauli

Halfway through the preparations for their own festa, the Għaqda tal-Pawlini will be opening the Domus Pauli for an exhibition of religious artefacts around the festa of St Paul in Valletta.

  • 15-20 January – 18:00-21:30
  • 21 January – 10:00-13:00

Sorijiet u Patrijiet – Maħżen San Duminku

Within the former Monastery of the Magdalene nuns, there lies the enchanting histories of the feast of St Dominic and the Dominican Order of Friars – and it is precisely here that the Kummissjoni Armar u Restawr will be presenting an exhibition and workshops tied to festa decorations belonging to the feast of St Dominic’s in Valletta (particularly the works of Carlo Darmanin, Vincenzo Cremona, and Emvin Cremona). The intertwined histories are marked by artefacts and skills acquired over the past hundred or so years, which will be exhibited throughout the week and topped off with a series of three workshops, highlighting the processes behind the creation of new festa decorations.


  • 15-19 January – 17:00-21:00
  • 20 January – 09:00-17:00
  • 21 January – 09:00-13:00


  • 20 January – 09:30 (gilding), 10:30 (festa banners), 11:30 (metalworking)

San Pawl taż-Żgħar – Il-Festa tat-Tfal

This year’s children’s version of the local feast of St. Paul in Valletta gets a special Valletta 2018 twist. As the Valletta 2018 Opening comes just a week before the local feast of St. Paul in Valletta, on this day there will be a smaller children’s version of the feast, where the children lift a small statue of St. Paul around Valletta. The children’s festa is starting from St. Ursula Street, roaming around the streets of Valletta and ending in St. Paul Street, corner with St. Lucia Street.

  • 20 January – 09:00-13:00