Our projects bring culture to everyone’s doorstep, uniting the traditional vision of a Mediterranean life enriched by close ties to family, friends and neighbours with the island’s growing creative practices. Come to the capital to discover diverse themes at play in and around Valletta’s streets during our Opening Week.


Lanċa Ġejja u Oħra Sejra – Valletta Ferries

Music on the ferries to/from Valletta, welcoming people into a city that’s buzzing with life, with a taste of what’s to come within the city walls – with hip-hop, dance and rap music in the background. The boats will ferry from the 3 Cities and Sliema to Valletta and will have musicians onboard playing music. Lanċa Ġejja u Oħra Sejra will feature the Kinetic Dance Academy.

  • 15-18 January, 20 January


Tal-Lino – Public Transport

Ever thought you could have a jukebox on the bus? If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet Ozzy Lino, our very own human jukebox, who will be bus-hopping throughout the week and spreading Valletta 2018 vibes around the islands.

  • 15-20 January