On Thursday 23rd November, from 8pm onwards Inizjamed will be organising its nineteenth Open Mic. We are getting to our last year of adolescence however our wisdom of tooth is still intact. This time we will be congregating at Gażin Vilhena, Floriana.

Nineteen is a prime number, a number that is solitary, a number that if you divide with any number will never produce another composite number. Thus, it is only natural to have as a special guest, a very prime writer, who after producing the award-winning novel, “Gramma”, is writing a very special kind of poetry, maybe odd like a prime number, but unique like a prime number. A kind of poetry that lately went as far as Bali and Germany.

In between Leanne Ellul’s performance, in the spirit of our Open Mic you are invited to read a poem, a story, do any kind of stand-up, sing an original song, or anything else that at this very moment might not be passing through our minds. Any dialect, any language, are more than welcome, actually, the more the merrier.

This event forms part of the Poetry in Potato Bags project which is part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme.

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/145209056103049/