Named after the wheel of fortune once used at local village fairs – Rulina is a modern, playful original composition inspired by traditional Maltese games. Upon entering, audience members are handed a ‘lottery ticket’ that invites them to take part in an interactive journey centred around the Rulina and traditional Maltese games.

The wheel of fortune determines the progress and flow of the compositions being performed and the result mirrors the playfulness that games offer. Accompanying the merriment, an introductory piece will be played by twenty-eight musicians on traditional Banda instruments. With music, dancing, games and all sorts of surprising interactions taking place all around, Rulina seeks to create an immersive, all-encompassing experience that places the audience at the heart of the performance.

Rulina will delve into four traditional games, namely, Dawra Durella, Pizzi Pizzi Kanna, Iż-Żunżana Ddur Iddur and Kastig to alternate traditional with contemporary performance. A flowing literary script will help us set on a journey of original musical compositions and contemporary dance, drawing inspiration from traditional games to comment upon current behavioural patterns, the hectic rythms of life and even death.

Rulina is an artistic project created by St Leonard Band Club, artistically directed by Daniel Vella, with the aid of Jessica Ellul, written by Leanne Ellul and composed by the talented Euchar Gravina. Christina and Valentina Cauchi from Danza C are responsible for the choreography, while presentation will be in the hands of Elaine Saliba Bonnici.
Rulina is supported by Valletta 2018, and academically assisted by Heritage Malta’s Ethnography Section in the research regarding the games.

Two back-to-back performances will take place, at the Vilhena Palace in Mdina, on the 12 of May at 20:30hrs and 21:30 hrs. Admission is free on a first come first served basis.

For further information please like and follow Rulina’s Facebook page, or call 79867165.