Silent Scream is a theatrical piece involving drama and puppetry, which is being organized by the St Benedict College, Kirkop and with the collaboration of More or Less Theatre for script writing, puppetry and drama workshops, and Mro Ray Sciberras for music composition for the script. The final product will be a collaboration between students, which makes the end result a collective effort of a very diverse group. It will be staged in 6 different schools

The project will involve the participation of a number of students coming from different backgrounds,  having a number of skills. Through cooperation with artists coming from outside and within the school, the students’ abilities and experiences will be combined together through diverse disciplines to create an innovative theatrical piece, therefore driving cultural, social and economic regeneration in local communities.

Silent Scream seeks to produce a powerful portable show that deals with various issues faced by students. It is also a tool which helps students vent out their built up tensions, moulding them in a way to express them in a creative performance involving puppetry and drama. The idea is that anyone can get there and the school can help its students foster much needed creativity skills.

This piece is being developed so that it can be toured by different groups of students in years to come, giving future students the opportunity to perform the piece and develop their future by injecting their own thoughts, personalities and experiences.

This project is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.