Tafxnaf was born out of the wish to give children new ways of telling their stories, new tools to share their thoughts and new means through which to let us see the world through their eyes.  Born out of a collaboration with like-minded institutions in Leeuwarden 2018 and Aarhus 2017, Tafxnaf involved children at all stages of the project so that it is truly ‘their’ project.

At the outset, Tafxnaf invited all students in Malta and Gozo who were in Form 2, or its equivalent, to share and publish their thoughts and dreams in story form. With the help of teachers of the Personal, Social and Career Development Classes, the children were be guided through the process of submitting a story – in writing or as a drawing. All these stories will be published on an online platform.

The young authors were invited to a series of workshops in which they were given an appreciation of film but also training in how to create a film. Five teams of children subsequently created and produced a film in the summer of 2017.

The films will be premiered in this year’s edition of the Valletta Film Festival, and will be screened for free on the 10th June (2.30PM) and the 15th June (4.30PM) at the Valletta Campus Theatre, following a red carpet premiere on the 9th of June.