Tafxnaf was born out of the wish to give children new ways of telling their stories, new tools to share their thoughts and new means through which to let us see the world through their eyes.  Born out of a collaboration with like-minded institutions in Leeuwarden 2018 and Aarhus 2017, Tafxnaf involves children at all stages of the project so that it is truly ‘their’ project.

At the outset, Tafxnaf invites all students in Malta and Gozo who are in Form 2, or its equivalent, to share and publish their thoughts and dreams in story form.  With the help of teachers of the Personal, Social and Career Development Classes, the children will be guided through the process of submitting a story – in writing or as a drawing.  All these stories will be published on an online platform.

The children in the individual classes, and subsequently the ones involved in the Council for Children, will then carefully select 25 out of the hundreds of stories received.   The young authors of these 25 stories will then be invited to participate in a series of workshops over a number of weekends in which they are given an appreciation of film but also training them in how to create one.  Over this period of time, the children will further develop their stories until, in a final selection by the participants themselves, the five best stories are selected.  Five small teams of children (and a few professionals to assist) will then produce and create the film in a week in July or August 2017.

The films will then be shown in a grand event in Malta in 2018, as part of the Cultural Programme of Valletta 2018, and will also feature in similar events in Leeuwarden and Aarhus.

There is currently a call open for children to write their stories in order to participate in the project. For an application form ask your PSCD teacher. For more information visit this link.