The Malta Innovation Summit is a Valletta 2018 Foundation endorsed project, which will include a full day conference featuring innovative exhibitors, panel & open floor discussions, with 14+ local and international speakers – specialising in innovation methodologies, innovation mindsets, start-up cultures, disruptive technologies, and more. The conference will be taking place on the 13th October 2017, at the Westin Dragonara Hotel, St Julians.

The project aims to accelerate the innovation movement in Malta, and globally, by gathering all stakeholders and sharing real-world experiences, ideas, trends, processes and best practices.

Attendees will participate in a full day of keynotes, presentations, expert panels, workshops and networking opportunities that explore the best methods of adopting innovation in an organisation and as a mindset.

This conference, aimed at all innovation stakeholders on a local and international level with a focus on C-Level Executives, was born out of the NetRefer team’s eagerness to learn and share innovation best practices, and to be creative in finding new ways of expressing this passion. The team aims to create a different conference environment where each attendee takes home his or her own approach to instil an innovative culture at a personal level, at an organisation level, at a local level, and also, at an international level.

Though the word “innovation” is used and abused, a lot of confusion exists on how to inspire and execute innovation effectively. So, what is the real definition of innovation? What are the best real-world examples of innovation? Are there methodologies and best practices we can adopt to be more innovative as a person, as an organisation, and as a nation? MIS is directly aimed at answering these questions and triggering a mindset of innovation that all can benefit from.

While cities like Tel Aviv, London, Berlin and Silicon Valley are leading the race for the best innovation ecosystem, Malta’s recent past is a good indication that the seeds of a good start-up ecosystem have been sown and it is now up to us, the stakeholders, to help it come into fruition. In the last 50 years since becoming an independent republic, Malta has continued to grow year on year, and establish itself as a hub for the IT Services, Financial Services, Remote Gaming, and Tourism sectors. The success that came from these sectors in recent years can only be sustained if Malta adopts a more innovative culture at all levels.

The MIS aims to inspire, expedite, and nurture an innovative culture within the Maltese Islands that residents will benefit from; as a more innovative eco-system is sure to create and improve upon financial and social opportunities. The MIS intends on achieving this through the collaborative exchange of information and ideas between experienced innovators and innovation stakeholders.

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