Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation welcome the announcement that EUR50 million in ERDF funding (European Regional Development Fund) have been allocated for the development of cultural projects and the restoration of heritage sites.

This investment which includes four arts projects and four cultural heritage projects will increase cultural access, provide important upgrades to museums and arts venues and offer better resources for artists and cultural practitioners.

Arts Council Malta executive chairman Albert Marshall said: “These projects add value to the cultural momentum towards Valletta 2018 and beyond. Arts Council Malta will continue working with the project leaders to ensure the projects’ successful implementation. These projects will also provide further impetus to the Council’s actions, as outlined in its strategy Create2020.”

Valletta 2018 chairman Jason Micallef said: “It is of great satisfaction that most of these capital projects are tied to the important appointment that Valletta has in 2018, when it will have the title of European Capital of Culture. These projects are included in the Government’s strategy for Valletta for 2018-2025 and will serve as an important legacy after 2018 in the creation of new jobs in the culture sector and the growth of ‘creative economies’.”