The Valletta 2018 AiR programme is proud to present 2 artists that were selected for the Artist Residency within the Deep Shelter Project at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre: Angelika Böck and Sergio Muscat.

The residency will take place in January – February 2018. During the six-week residency they will create a piece of work for the waiting area of the day ward. The Deep Shelter residency runs in the context of a growing cultural scene in Malta, led by Valletta’s European Capital of Culture title, and the Arts Council Malta’s Strategy 2020. The Residency Programme aims to enrich cultural diversity within the national creative scene and encourage productive interaction between international creatives and local creatives; between international creatives and communities, as well as, physical and virtual environments.

The two chosen candidates will work closely with Dr. Benna Chase and project coordinator Pamela Baldacchino.


Angelika Böck

Angelika Böck is a visual artist and practice-based researcher, living in München. Her site-specific participatory work is based, basically, on her capacity of listening, openly and actively, and to organise scenarios that maximise the collective creative potential of a given constituency or site. Thereby Böck positions herself rather as ‘mediator’ or ‘facilitator’ in a process of intersubjective exchange that is responsive to the specific situation with the co-participants. Within her conceptual artistic practice she uses as diverse media as video, installation, photography, text and sculpture. For more information see here:


Sergio Muscat

Maltese visual artist Sergio Muscat was exposed to both art and science since childhood – within a family of doctors, teachers, photographers and musicians. Originally focusing on computer science, he re-discovered photography in his twenties, at the peak of the digital revolution, eventually furthering his studies in digital art. He applied his knowledge of technology and started pushing the boundaries of traditional photography using the photograph as a base layer – an inspirational starting point that has no limit in its potential. Working mostly within the digital photographic medium, he creates artwork that is instinctive, sensitive and contemplative, focusing on personal and collective realities that are continuously changing through personal experience, the evolution of nature and the intervention of mankind. His work has garnered various awards, has been exhibited locally and overseas, and is found in private collections across Europe and the US. For more information see here: