The Valletta 2018 Foundation is proud to announce that it is one of the cultural organisations participating in the  Artist Mobility Alliance launched by the Roberto Cimetta Fund. Joining the ranks of Arts Network Asia, Asia-Europe Foundation, Australia Council for the Arts, India Foundation for the Arts, Korea Arts Management Service, Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Russian Theatre Union, Valletta 2018 is contributing to this initiative whose aim is to expand funding possibilities of exchange for artists and cultural operators moving between the Euro-Arab region and other areas of the world. This artistic alliance’s purpose will be that of facilitating and providing equal access to this mobility so as to ensure that culture and the arts are allowed to grow and develop around the globe, thus resulting in the growing autonomy of emerging artists and cultural operators, allowing for international artistic exchanges to flourish.

The participating organisations have agreed to reconvene in Seoul and Bangalore. In the meantime, a cultural mapping process is underway to identify mobility needs while also providing statistics.

For more information, please visit the Roberto Cimetta Fund blog or their official website.