The success of Valletta 2018 will be assessed in terms of its legacy and lasting impact.

“My objective,” Mr Azzopardi said, “is that together we embrace this opportunity to create institutions, events, organisations and infrastructure that will continue to work and grow for many years after Valletta 2018 becomes a memory”.

He was speaking earlier this week during a media event when Highlights of 2014 were also presented.

Together with Sean Buhagiar, a cultural practitioner and Artistic Director for Notte Bianca, Mario Philip Azzopardi will be directing events in the streets of Valletta, the Grand Harbour area and beyond. The programme of events will capture the imagination of Europe and build a legacy to serve the cultural and artistic sector, including its participants and audiences, in 2018 and the years to come.

Mario Azzopardi remarked that the concept of collaboration with cultural entities in Europe, the Mediterranean and other countries is developing well and this is to the benefit of the local art and culture scene, artists and their product. Such collaboration too should be strengthened and long lasting.