The Valletta 2018 Foundation has launched details for the Valletta Pageant of the Seas, a unique spectacle taking place in the Grand Harbour on the 7th June, 2016.

The event forms part of the Valletta 2018 festivities to mark the 450th anniversary since Valletta’s foundation. The Valletta Pageant of the Seas is a unique activity set against the majestic backdrop of the Grand Harbour, this show will include: numerous regatta boats, power boats, yachts and carnival floats, amongst others. The activities start from 6pm.

Valletta 2018 Chairman Jason Micallef said, “The Valletta Pageant of the Seas is a large spectacle which includes the participation of hundreds of talented people coming from different backgrounds such as sports clubs, philanthropic entities, local councils, as well as artist, both local and international. This spectacle for the whole family, which is taking place on the public holiday of June 7th, will leave an impact during the Valletta 2018 Foundation’s journey towards the European Capital of Culture year in 2018.

Mr. Micallef thanked the Valletta 2018 volunteers Tal-Kultura for all their hard work to ensure that the Valletta Pageant of the Seas will be a resounding success. Over 200 volunteers applied to become part of the unforgettable experience.

The Artistic Director for Special Events Mario Philip Azzopardi said, “This is an opportunity for all Maltese to come together as one nation to remember our history and culture while also celebrating our present and future. This will be a celebration for the whole family to enjoy.”

The Valletta Pageant of the Seas will kick off with the Għawma Toni Bajada, a large swimming activity involving hundreds of people crossing from Fort St. Angelo in Birgu to the Old Fisheries at Ta’ Liesse in Valletta. Those interested in participating can register here:, against a donation of €10.

A regatta show will take place followed by a boat race with a unique twist. Various groups from around Malta and Gozo will participate in Tellieqa Telliqun, which sees people creating marine vessels from various materials, including recycled items and racing them across the Grand Harbour without the use of motors or oars.

The festivities will culminate with a show of sailing boats accompanied by the Fernandes, which will be taking centre stage. Carnival floats will also float on water for the very first time in the Grand Harbour as winning carnival floats from this year’s carnival make their way across the Grand Harbour. UK-based outdoor events organisers Walk the Plank will be the highlight of the night with a stunt and pyrotechnics show.

Bands will also be performing music for the crowds who will be present in Valletta to enjoy this family friendly event.

The Valletta Pageant of the Seas is being supported by a number of Valletta 2018 partners including: Arts Council Malta, Captain Morgan Cruises, Yachting Malta, Armed Forces of Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority, Transport Malta, Walk the Plank, the Malta Film Commission and Heritage Malta.