Maltese and Gozitan young people aged 19 and under have the opportunity of winning €2000 and a trip to Austria when participating in the U-19 ‘Create Your World’ competition, organised by Valletta 2018, in collaboration with the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica and the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, as well as with the Esplora Interactive Science Centre.

The theme and motto for this competition is ‘Create Your World’. All young people aged 19 and under are invited to participate in this creative competition, where they can showcase their work and their creativity. Several cash prizes are ready to be won, including the Valletta 2018 Grand Prize of €2000.

Participants may submit work of any shape, including digital art, mechanics, technology, music, social projects, and even innovative futuristic ideas about the world we live in. Projects must be submitted to an online database, supported with a detailed description in English. These projects will then be evaluated by an international jury. Participants may also apply as a group of up to eight people.

Submissions are welcome until Monday 30th April 2018 and interested applicants may submit their work to Information sessions will also be held, during which interested youths may learn about each unique category of the competition, as well as the prizes being offered.

A special awards ceremony will be held in Malta, during which the winners will be presented with their prizes. The winners will then be travelling to Linz in September, where they will be attending the Ars Electronica Festival, 2018. In the case of groups, up to two representatives from each group will travel to Linz. Terms and conditions apply. Furthermore, a special exhibition will be set up at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in November 2018, where the winners’ work will be showcased.

The Valletta 2018 Grand Prize of €2000 will be awarded to the entry which places first. Other awards include two Distinction prizes, worth €600 each, five Merit prizes, worth €100 each, the Esplora award for participants of under 14 years, worth €300, and the Esplora award for participants of under 10 years, worth €300 and a special educational game.


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