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  • 27 Nov 14

    Protagonisti: Malcolm il-Parrukkier

    Malcolm il-Parrukkier works at the Lancet Salon, one of the oldest barber shops in Valletta. Found at the foot of St John’s Street, it has been run by Malcolm Fenech’s family for 93 years. Before ...

    by Marc Buhagiar
  • 20 Nov 14

    Protagonisti: Salvu s-Sennien

    “Whatever you’re given, you always have to do your best whether it’s a knife, a pair of scissors or even a saw. The most important thing is that you give a 100% to end up with the best result....

    by Marc Buhagiar
  • 13 Nov 14

    Protagonisti: Szilárd il-Pjanist

    "I try never to forget that I am not the ultimate goal of anyone's visit to Valletta, I appreciate compliments, smiles, a circle that I manage to maintain for a few songs' time but I know they are not...

    by Marc Buhagiar
  • 07 Nov 14

    Protagonisti: Joe tal-Gabbana

    The area around City Gate and the Triton Fountain outside the walls of Valletta served as the meeting place for teenagers for many years. Colloquially in fact, the meeting spots have particular names ...

    by Marc Buhagiar