A half-day symposium on Curating the Hospital Space is being organised on the 6th of December, as part of Valletta 2018’s Deep Shelter artist residency at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre (SAMOC).

The symposium will take place at the SAMOC Radiotherapy Department conference room, between 2.30pm and 5.30pm, while a networking session including refreshments will then go on until 7pm.

The session will include a talk by Dr Ann Laenen, a Deep Shelter documentary film by Tim Lewis, discussions with Dr Hilary Moss, Dr Benna Chase, Marika Fleri and Pamela Baldacchino, a presentation of the international artist residency by Angelika Bock and Sergio Muscat, as well as a panel discussion open to the audience.

Those interested may register by visiting and clicking the link. This is a public event but seating is limited. Registration is on first come first served basis.

The art programme structured for Deep Shelter encourages collaborating artists to engage with the space at the Oncology Centre, as well as with the needs of the patients, relatives and staff, to create and donate paintings which make the space less clinical and more personal. Thanks to this project, the Oncology Centre now has several paintings installed in its halls and therapy rooms, which were done specifically for the purpose, or donated by different artists. The aim of the project is that of reflection, relation and revelation of meaning. It focuses on the experience of illness, hospitalisation and care, and their relation to the visual art process.

The artworks displayed at SAMOC, commissioned through the Deep Shelter Project, were officially inaugurated in October.

For more information on the Deep Shelter artist residency visit ‘Deep Shelter Project’ on Facebook.

The Deep Shelter Project is curated by Pamela Baldacchino and organised by Valletta 2018, in collaboration with Mater Dei Hospital, Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre and the University of Malta.


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