A number of local eateries and bars are now certified as sustainable outlets, in an effort to contribute to long term sustainability within the local hospitality sector.

The outlets form part of the new Sustainable Eats & Treats network ― an initiative started in 2018 by the Valletta 2018 Foundation and Global Green Events.

These include The Grassy Hopper, Theobroma, Alchemy Bar, Sanya Health Spa, Coffee Circus Tigne, Crudo, and La Vida. More outlets are currently working towards implementing a sustainability policy, and will be joining the network later this year.

The public may access the growing list of Sustainable Eats & Treats via an online directory formalised by Global Green Events, found on www.sustainableeatsandtreats.com.

With plastic pollution and resource management being a key topic in current local environmental discussions, this collaboration aims at promoting a positive change within the sector, by ensuring that establishments forming part of the Sustainable Eats & Treats network take steps towards sustainability in their day to day operation.

This includes eradicating single-use plastics, offering water refills, implementing in-house packaging reduction systems, in-house recycling, offering ‘bring your own container’ initiatives, using biodegradable cleaning products and offering healthy food options as well as fair trade or organic teas and coffees to customers, among other initiatives.

While Sustainable Eats & Treats was launched last November during the Malta Social Impact Awards, the initiative started in early 2018, when the Valletta 2018 Foundation collaborated with Global Green Events to launch a call for eateries and bars interested in offering a more sustainable service.

The process involved onsite audits at interested outlets, during which each establishment’s current operation and service were assessed, along with their inhouse policies and approach to sourcing. Detailed reports were provided by Global Green Events, identifying areas for change and tangible positive impact.

Sustainable resource management and promoting sustainable vendors are an integral part of the Valletta 2018 Foundation’s sustainability policy, which identifies leaving a legacy as one of its main aims. The call for interested outlets was one of the initiatives taken in 2018 as part of this policy.

Together with the Foundation’s efforts towards sustainability and environmental education during events organised within the European Capital of Culture Programme, as well as its sustainable in-house procedures, the Sustainable Eats & Treats network will remain part of Valletta 2018’s legacy for the benefit of the community.

For further information on the network, upcoming outlets and educational blogs, follow ‘Sustainable Eats & Treats’ on Facebook and Instagram.

Sustainable Eats & Treats is endorsed by The Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change and the Malta Tourism Authority.