The Valletta 2018 Foundation welcomes the announcement by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna during today’s budget speech that the legacy created by Valletta 2018 will be carried forward in the coming years with the establishment of the Valletta Cultural Agency.

During this evening’s budget speech, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna announced that Valletta 2018 was an experience which strengthened culture in ways we had never seen before. As the Valletta 2018 Foundation’s work concludes this year, the Government will establish the Valletta Cultural Agency to serve as a main reference point for the development and for cultural activities in the Capital, and to carry forward the legacy created by Valletta 2018.

The Agency will also ensure that Valletta’s cultural regeneration continues, with the aim to strengthen the impact on the economic and social development of Valletta. This will serve to heighten the level of infrastructure and services.