The Culture of Ageing also includes a lecture programme that will run as part of the VIVA Curatorial School. The Culture of Ageing lectures will take place on the 2nd September morning session of the Curatorial School at 9.30am and will include lectures by Libia Castro, Ferhat Özgür and Leo Delfgaauw. The session will be chaired by the curators of the Culture of Ageing – Lennard Dost and Mare van Koningsveld. The Curatorial School lectures will be held at the University of Malta – Valletta Campus.

A free lecture by Dr Marvin Formosa, Director of the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations in Malta, and Head of the Gerontology Unit, Faculty for Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta, also forms part of the Culture of Ageing lecture programme. Titled ‘The End of the World as We Know It! The Coming of Population Ageing’, it will be open to the general public on the 16th September at the St James Cavalier Cinema at 7pm.

A workshop, titled ‘The Ageing of Culture’ is also included in the VIVA Curatorial School programme and is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd September at 2pm. During this workshop, students will address how to deal with cultural heritage. Students will visit the National Museum of Archeology, joined by curators Dost and van Koningsveld, where they will be given a tour of the museum. After the tour, students will engage in a discussion, in which museum curator Sharon Sultana will also participate.

For more information, please visit the VIVA official website.