The aim of the Deep Shelter Project is to create an audio-visual language that can be used in a hospital or clinical setting. Crafted through a 10 month interdisciplinary approach, the language will be exhibited digitally within places of constraint such as hospitals, as well as places of exchange like museums. The project marries artistic research with research carried out in the particular context it is being shown in. The artwork will be exhibited to two sets of audiences. The first audience is composed of those that operate within a hospital setting such as care providers like nurses and therapists as well as users like clients and patients. The second group consists of viewers outside of the hospital/clinical dynamic; these are the visitors who will view the artwork at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity. Through the exposure of art to new audience, the project will increase society’s engagement with art.

The Deep Shelter Project is supported by the Malta Arts Fund and will run from the 8th May to 31st May at St James Cavalier in the Main Hall. For more information, please visit the St James Cavalier official website.