The contemporary theatre programme “forte forte” is a year-long series of performances based on relationships between the individual and power, normal and abnormal, personality and the masses, and relationships between people, set against the backdrop of major historic events, albeit in routine contexts.

In October the contemporary theatre programme “forte forte” will be staging “Rimini Protokoll” with the “Situation Rooms” interactive performance. Through the show, the viewer follows the heroes on tablet and in real space.

“Situation Rooms” gathers together twenty people from various continents, whose biographies have been shaped by weapons. The show is set in a situation of 20 rooms, with explicit reference to the White House situation room, in which the United States government and military representatives remotely monitor a variety of military operations, and become witnesses of 20 lives, affecting the arms. Situations include an Israeli army soldier, a surgeon from the organization “Doctors without Borders”, the Mexican narkokarteļa administrator, a hacker, a child – a soldier from the Congo, Bundestag, Kirov weapons factory, and a canteen worker among others.

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