On Sunday 8th March at 6pm, Maltese cinema-goers have the opportunity to vote on film entries participating in the Short Waves Festival, a Polish short film festival which is now running its 7th year. This is a great opportunity for people to experience something new when it comes to cinema and not just the highly commercialised Hollywood brand of films. These films, made by Polish directors, can be either amateur, student or professional films and are an international celebration of Polish filmic talent.

St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity will be screening the Short Waves Grand Prix Festival on the 8th March. The screening should last around 88 minutes and the entrance fee is €3.00 per person.

Film entries have a running time between 4-26 minutes. The winning film entry will be announced on Sunday 29 March at the closing ceremony Poznań, Poland . The winner will receive a cash prize of €4,700.

Now it is up to the multi-national cinema-goers to determine the winner of the Grand Prix Festival prize – a €4,700 award – which will be announced on Sunday 29 March 2015 during the closing ceremony at.

For more information, please visit the St James Cavalier official website.