PIKuŻI is a series of Maltese plays aimed at children aged 7 to 11. The plays, which are creative and light-hearted, are specifically designed to be easily absorbed by children. After each play, a discussion is held between the children and the actors about their experience of the play as audience members. Pik and Żi (Pik-u-Żi) are two 11-year-old girls living in present day Malta. They’ve been best friends ever since they were small children and they’ve spent a lot of time together, both in school and out.

The plays incorporate an array of themes, all related to children in contemporary society: Practicing their Maltese, Individuality, Creativity, Unity, Age and Integration. The aim of this innovative project is to expose children to plays in the Maltese language, while also tackling sensitive issues which children come face to face with every day.

Ruth Borg, Antonella Mifsud, Marta Vella and Mariele Zammit collaborate on this project.

PIKuŻI is on at the Teatru Manoel’s Studio Theatre on 12 February at 10.30am and 11.45am. For more information, please visit the Teatru Manoel official website.