The team behind Belti will explore this cultural issue through a series of workshops, which will be carried out with students and teachers at St. George Preca College – St. Elmo’s Primary School, Valletta, this January.

Using music, art and drama, young children will be given the opportunity to participate in creative workshops led by professionals in each field, with the goal of creating artistic works that represent a child’s impression of Malta’s vibrant capital city. Workshops will be held once a week and will run from January till the summer period. The installations the children work on will be exhibited at the end of the year.

The fruit of such workshops will also be the focus of a collective open house exhibition set inside a traditional Valletta building, where child artists and adult professionals will collaborate to design a space which reflects the city’s most iconic cultural attractions. Using diverse forms of media, young creatives will be encouraged to explore and present themes such as the sights and soundscapes of the city, sport and recreational activities, street art, food culture and even the age-old traditions of Carnival and Valletta’s famous Monti. 

Belti is a Valletta 2018 collaboration with St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity.