Vrbe Nova is an online choir community project celebrating Valletta’s title of European Capital of Culture 2018, and presenting a music video-art projection featuring choirs from all over Europe. This virtual choir is created as vocalists from all around Europe logon and upload their voices to add to the chorus via webcam technology; these disparate voices are then joined together to create the choral piece composed by Ruben Zahra.

Singers interested in taking part can record themselves at the Vrbe Nova official website. By 2018, a virtual choir of 2018 singers will be created to celebrate Valletta’s title year.

Vrbe Nova commemorates the laying of the first stone of Valletta and acknowledges the Valletta 2018 themes of Routes, Cities, Generations and Islands. The performance was premiered in 2013 featuring as an architectural projection on Auberge de Castille during Science in the City and Notte Bianca.